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About Us

Precious Ephemera hosts Magical Events, Splendid Retreats, and courses in Spiritual Creativity based on the Ephemeral Philosophy and The House of Famous motto that "Nice is the New Fierce".

We seek to foster a loving community of Magical Queer Discovery - this is a place for people who feel the call to creative spirituality and reject the burn of organized religious dogma. 

This is a space of inquiry and not indoctrination. We all come to the circle with questions and gently approach the potential of discovering practices that help us thrive without needing specific answers.

Why You Should Join

We're Building a World of Queer Imagination.  We co-create our own rituals, respectfully share and exchange practices and think critically about the intersections of personal development and esoteric thought. We honor the Culture & Legacy of the Queer Community through Art and Creative Expression.  

We hope to share stories with our Elders, Learn Magic from each other, and uplift the voices of our youth.  We walk a Spiritual Path of Self-Determination and we are doing it together.  

oh, and we laugh a LOT. If you're looking for some light-hearted enlightenment, well, you're in good company!

A Big Thanks

I want to thank folks who have joined me over the years since the very first "Wheel of the Year Workshop" in 2017 to Magic Camp Immersions, Horsefeathers Cabaret, and The Caftan Salon for proving that there is a need for intergenerational community events for the queer people outside of "nightlife". 

You are living proof that making art is inherently spiritual and that queer magic is mighty real!

What's inside?

General Membership to Ephemeral Experiences is open and free for for queer, spiritually curious people and intentional allies. It's a private social network free from algorithms and external influence. 

In addition to "witchy poo" and "woo woo" themed posts, we host regular ceremonies along the Wheel of the Year, IRL meetups in satellite cities, and share resources for local events and opportunities.

We offer premium courses & workshops for folks who want to take a deeper dive into esoteric concepts.  Start with Magic 101!

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